We are Kids Helpline

Here to help young Aussies. 24/7.
Any time. Any reason.

24 hour support for kids and young people.

We’re a free and confidential counselling service for young Aussies (ages 5-25). We connect with kids on the phone, via email and in live WebChat.  Kids reach out to our qualified counsellors because they know we’re here to help. It’s good to know you’re a parent who wants the best for their family.

Our Counsellors

Professionally qualified and trained to work with young people.

We employ over 130 counselling staff, who work around the clock helping young people with their problems. Counsellors answer calls from all around Australia and support young people by:

  • Listening to what they have to say
  • Understanding what is happening in their life
  • Helping them to express their feelings
  • Providing ideas and encouragement

Our team also have access to resources and other services and support when needed.

Our History

Kids Helpline officially opened on 25 March, 1991.

More than 3,200 young people called the first day and within a year of opening, we had answered 90,000 calls. By Child Protection Week in October 1993, we had registered one million calls.

We expanded and became a national service in 1993.  Email counselling started in 1999 and the web counselling service was launched in May 2000. Since 1991, we have answered more than eight million phone calls and online contacts.

Kids Helpline is a service of yourtown.

What the kids say…

Last year 209,004 contacts were made by children and young people aged 5-25 years to talk to a KHL counsellor. In 2014, 635 individuals gave us feedback about the service.



Very Satisfied




Would recommend us
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