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By submitting your story here, you're giving Kids Helpline and yourtown (the company that powers Kids Helpline) permission to use your story in many different ways for promotional purposes. This might include sharing your story on our website, social media, in media, flyers, emails, etc. We will always share your story in ways that protect your privacy (by removing your personal information, for example).

Thank you for sharing your story - it helps more than you know! Allowing us to share your story in all these different ways can help young people like you going through similar challenges to know they aren’t alone, help us raise money to fund Kids Helpline, and even help us make changes for the better, e.g. through sharing your voice with government.

Your name, age, and gender will appear with your story — if you'd like to use another name, that's ok too! Your email won’t be published and is just in case we need to get in touch.

Not sure where to start? Consider...

What was going on for you when you reached out for help?

How did you find the courage to contact Kids Helpline?

What was it like to talk with Kids Helpline?
 How did Kids Helpline help you?

What changes did you notice in yourself after talking with Kids Helpline?

Think of what you would have liked to have known when you needed help.

What would you tell someone else in the same situation?

Please Note: We get lots of stories from young people, so sometimes we can’t publish them all. If your story is chosen, we may need to change parts of it before it’s published to keep you (and others) safe. This includes anything that might identify who you are or cause others distress.

By submitting your story, you’re giving Kids Helpline permission to publish your experience in a way that protects your privacy.

If you have submitted a story now or in the past, and you've changed your mind and no longer want your story shared, please contact us here.