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Are you looking for email counselling?

We don’t offer counselling by email anymore, but there are even better ways we can support you

You can still give us a call or hop on a WebChat with us, plus you can now join My Circle for peer support from other young people just like you.


The fastest way to talk with a counsellor is on the phone

It's free to call - even from mobiles!

Boy calling Kids Helpline on his mobile phone

Have an Emergency?

If you or a friend are hurt, call 000 NOW!

Working better for you

This change means you can get in touch with us in more meaningful ways than ever before

This is a positive change!

  • It helps us respond to you sooner
  • If you prefer to type rather than talk, you can WebChat with us anytime
  • You can join My Circle and still get peer support in an online format
  • My Circle is perfect for you if you prefer to write things down and brainstorm your issues with other people

Still have questions or want to give feedback?