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Everything you need to know about depression

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    Signs depression might be a problem for you:

    • You experience a depressed mood most of the time
    • You aren't interested in things you used to enjoy most of the time
    • Your depressed feelings last two weeks or more
    • You are struggling to cope
    • Your thoughts and feelings are causing you distress
    • Your depressed feelings are interfering with your everyday life
    • You are experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide

    Your guide to coping strategies

    Here are some tips and tricks that may help you cope with feelings of depression:

    • Coping with depression. The latest research summarised in one helpful page! Here are some tips you might find helpful.
    • Coping strategies. A bunch of tried and tested coping strategies that really work!
    • Asking for help. Support makes a big difference in treating and coping with depression. Here's a guide to asking for help.
    • Self-care. Did you know that 90% of serotonin (which plays an important role in mood disorders) is made in your digestive system? Or, that exercise can be an effective treatment for depression? Learn about ways you can self-care and how these are beneficial for you.
    • Looking after yourself. Here's a guide around caring for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
    • Self-help. Have you ever wondered what self-help is and whether it actually works?
    • Your guide to anxiety. Sometimes people experience depression and anxiety simultaneously. Learn more about anxiety and how to cope.

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    Coping with suicidal thoughts

    Here are some resources that might help:

    • I'm thinking about suicide. What to do and who can help if you are feeling overwhelmed, hopeless or suicidal.
    • My friend is thinking about suicide. People who feel suicidal may turn to a friend for support. Here's what to do if you are worried for a friend or don't know what to do.
    • Talking about suicide. To help make talking about suicide a little easier, we've created two comics dealing with supporting somebody who is suicidal. 
    • Self-harm. Sometimes people self-harm as a way to cope. If you are self-harming, or having thoughts of self-harm, we can support you.


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