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Your guide to anxiety

Anxiety is a combination of stress (in your body) and worry (in your mind).

Way back in the day, anxiety was designed to keep you safe from danger. But now, stress can be complicated, long lasting and can result in a lot of anxiety ‘false alarms’.

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Is this normal anxiety or do I have an anxiety disorder?

Normal anxiety is:

  • Temporary and may come and go
  • Manageable most of the time
  • In response to something stressful
  • Doesn't interfere with your usual everyday life

Anxiety is really common, with about 10% of people experiencing it in their lifetime.

Fortunately, anxiety is very treatable!

Anxiety disorders

You might be experiencing an anxiety disorder if your anxiety:

  • Seems to last a long time/longer than usual
  • Feels very intense or overwhelming
  • Causes you distress
  • Interferes with your everyday life
  • Is hard to cope with


Anxiety disorders can include Panic Disorders, Social Anxiety, Phobias and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.

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Your nutrition, movement and sleep habits all impact on both your brain and your mental health. Self-care is about meeting your basic needs so you can be physically and mentally healthy.

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