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All about depression

Depression is more than just feeling sad. It's a mixture of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

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What is depression?

‘Depression’ is a word lots of people use. But what exactly is it?

If you’re depressed you can have lots of different emotions, thoughts and behaviours.  It’s not only sadness you feel. You might also:

  • Feel on-edge or worried (also called anxiety)
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Not have any energy
  • Not feel like eating
  • Not feel like showering or getting dressed
  • Get annoyed or upset by little things
  • Stop enjoying things you used to find fun
  • Feel that your life is pointless
  • Have thoughts about wanting to die or hurt yourself
  • Feel cut-off from others and alone
  • Feel negative about yourself
  • Feel angry
  • Feel empty or numb

What to do if you think you’re depressed

Depression may not go away on its own. It’s really important that you talk to somebody you can trust.

Keep talking to people until you find somebody who can help you. Don't give up!

Here some people you can try talking to: 

Parent or carer
Older sibling
School counsellor
Kids Helpline counsellor
Doctor or nurse
Youth worker

"They ostracised me until I was trapped on a mental island, alone, worthless and unable to reach the shore. But, my story does get better."

Ways you can help yourself feel better

Everybody is different. What works for someone else may not work for you. But that’s okay because there’s lots of ways you can start getting back on track:

Do something fun or nice for yourself

Ask a parent to take you to a doctor

Talk to a counsellor and get help

Remind yourself that you can get better

Spend time with people who make you feel safe and good about yourself

Tune out negative thoughts by watching a movie or TV

“There are many people who had depression in the past and have gotten better. You can too!”

Never give up! You can get better.

There’s always something you can try or somebody you can talk to.

It’s never too late to get help. Call us on 1800 55 1800, start a WebChat or send us an email today.

You can also check out Head to Health for other digital services and resources.

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