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Recommended for all high school year levels

Emotional Intelligence

Mental health literacy, coping strategies and emotional self-regulation

This topic builds students’ knowledge of emotions, mental health and wellbeing in order to provide them with effective emotional self-regulation tools. 
The learning intentions for this topic includes an understanding of emotional responses and a knowledge of three evidence-based, emotional self-regulation strategies, as well as an awareness of mental health and strategies to support peers who may be at-risk.


  • Purpose of Emotions
  • Brain basics
  • Stress Response (fight/flight/freeze)
  • Mental health literacy (anxiety & depression)
  • Coping strategies
  • Peer support basics
Session duration (up to 60 minutes) will be collaborated with the booking teacher and personalised for your school timetable.
Recommended session size is 5-50 students.
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Topic Resources

For teachers

To see how this topic aligns with the curriculum

For more information about the topic evidence-base

For Students

To download our free Brain Basics worksheet

To download our free Brain Basics poster

To view our guide to anxiety

To view our guide to depression

Managing your 'Mental Wellbeing' / 'Mental Health Bucket' worksheet to identify stressors, warning signs, and ways of coping

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