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Now I'm proud to be bisexual

Brooke felt misunderstood by her friends and family - until she found Kids Helpline.

"Now I've realised that it doesn't make me weird."



"I thought I was weird. I've always had difficulties in school."

It's really difficult to talk about, especially if you aren't heterosexual. At school, I could never get changed in front of other girls without getting really nervous. I distanced myself from other people because I was worried about what they would say. My father thought I was lying and just trying to be 'cool'.

I thought that I was all alone and that nobody would understand me. 

Now I've realised that it doesn't make me weird. Using the Kids Helpline website, I told some other friends from school and it made me realise that not everyone is a homophobe. Now I'm proud to be bisexual!

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