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I was down about stuff in the news

Ryan was feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

"I'm so happy I called Kids Helpline."



"I couldn't focus and I couldn't sleep from the worry."

I was getting down about what I was seeing on the news. Whenever I looked at my phone it felt like all I ever heard were sad or bad things happening to people. I thought ‘what if that could happen to me or my family?’. My friends at school even started to notice how sad I was feeling. I couldn't explain why I felt that way - nobody else seemed to worry about this stuff. 

My teacher told me to call Kids Helpline and I’m so happy I did. I was able to let my fears out - they listened to me and didn't judge me.

I realised I can’t control what bad happens in the world. But there's also a lot of good! The counsellor helped me to focus on the good things happening around me and be happy again. Taking a break from news and social media for a while helped.

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