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The biggest mistake I made was not telling anyone I was going through this

We helped Anna build her confidence.

“I have stopped self harming thanks to Kids Helpline.”



Content warning: contains mental health content that may be distressing

It started with negative thoughts about me. I felt like I had no way out. Every time I tried to talk to my friends, I felt ignored. My friend and family had no idea I was suffering. I was self-harming at the time as well. I felt worthless and unloved. I sought counselling soon afterwards and felt better every time I went there.

The biggest mistake I made was not telling anyone I went through this and the biggest misunderstanding for all of us is that things do get better. A friend I fought with is now my best friend and I love her so much. We have never been closer. 

The negative thoughts I had have now turned into good ones. I have stopped self-harming. the other thing that keeps me fighting and surviving every day is my family and loved ones. if I have learned anything from his whole experience is that depression just does not impact yourself, it impacts others around you.


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