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How safe are your kids online?

Hanging out online is a regular part of life for most young people.

You can support your child to manage the risks in their online world but still enjoy its benefits.

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For info tailored specifically for young people, check out our kids' info portal.

 Everything you or your child does online leaves a footprint

Anything your child likes, saves, tags, shares or posts can be:

  • Searched

  • Shared

  • Copied

  • Made public

Your digital footprint is permanent

Help your child create a positive digital footprint

  • Regularly check their privacy and security settings with them
  • Regularly Google their name together to see what is publicly visible

Help your child have a good online reputation by teaching them the 4Rs

  • RESPECT others
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Talking to your kids about online grooming

Could they be addicted to gaming?

Here's how to tell if your child's online gaming might be impacting their life negatively.

1 in 5 young people

in Australia experience social exclusion, threats or abuse online

Supporting your child to manage the risks on the internet means they can safely enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Talking helps! We’re here for your kids.

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