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Have you been watching 13 Reasons Why?

Clay has secrets. Jessica has secrets. Even the new girl Ani has secrets.

13 Reasons Why season 3 shows us what happens when unsafe secrets are kept. (No spoilers!)

But what if you've come across an unsafe secret... either your own, or someone else's?

13 Reasons Why season 3 case

Are you are parent? Interested in learning more?

 What is an unsafe secret?

Unsafe secrets might involve:

  • Someone who may be in danger (past, present or future, e.g. someone who experienced sexual abuse)

  • Someone who may have impaired judgement (e.g. someone who is feeling suicidal)

  • A power imbalance (e.g. an adult ordering a teen to keep a secret)

  • Threats or bribes (e.g. “If you tell anyone I will never speak to you again!”)

  • Someone who is unable to give consent

  • Something against the law

A secret may also be unsafe if…

  • It affects your wellbeing (e.g. you can't sleep because you’re worried)
  • You feel stuck or don’t know what to do
  • You find yourself agonising between breaking a promise and getting help/advice/support

When should I tell someone?

It can be hard to know when a secret should stop being a secret.

Here's how to work it out.

How to get help

So you have an unsafe secret. And you really want to tell someone!

But who... and how?

Scroll through this gallery for helpful hints with examples on how you could bring it up.

You can also talk to a professional. Some people and services (like Kids Helpline!) are confidential and anonymous.

If only the kids at Liberty High knew how to tell someone about their unsafe secrets…

Remember, you can get anonymous and confidential support from Kids Helpline.

Talking helps! We’re here for you.

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