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H R U? is a podcast that puts the mic in your hands

We tackle some of the most challenging, confronting and taboo issues that you deal with on the daily.

From peer pressure, navigating finances, identity, relationships, and study or work-related stress, there's a lot on the plates of 18-25 year olds. 

H R U? is a safe and open place for conversation around mental health and the issues that you face.

Episodes released every week!

Meet the team

Marty Smiley for Kids Helpline and PEDESTRIAN.TV

Marty Smiley


Marty Smiley won the 2012 Channel [V] Presenter Search, and has worked across media from writing and producing for TV, field reporting, live presenting and hosting his own TV and radio shows. Marty worked as a Youth Worker for 8 years, and has a passion for youth culture and news.

Kids Helpline Counsellor Josie



Josie is a qualified social worker who has worked with Kids Helpline for three years. Two of those years were spent as a counsellor, talking with a range of young people aged 5-25 from all over Australia.

Content warning: the following content touches on mental health, domestic violence and other issues that may be distressing. If this does raise any issues for you, Kids Helpline is here for 5-25 year olds - anytime and for any reason.

Season 2

Episode 8: When You're Told You're Not An Essential Worker

with Alex Johnston

Alex Johnston is the winger for the South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby league team. When the world went into lockdown as COVID-19 emerged, the rugby season was caught right in the middle. Like many young people, he is now navigating through this uncertain time with his career essentially put on hold. Alex shares what it’s like being told you are ‘non essential’, finding purpose and what it means to have something you’ve worked hard for being thrown into a tailspin.

Episode 7: Overcoming Anxiety

with Angie White

Angie White

Angie White is a program coordinator at One Eighty, a youth mental health programme established for youth by youth. After years of tutoring students, she realised how important supporting mindset, wellbeing and mental health was for young people, in order for them to succeed not only personally, but academically and in all areas of school life. Angie believes that through connecting young people we can increase awareness, reduce stigma and foster ongoing support, which in turn creates a positive flow on effect for young people and the community.

Episode 6: How iso affected a couple who just started dating

with Concetta Caristo

Concetta Caristo

Concetta Caristo is feisty and fiercely funny. Working across comedy in Sydney’s stand-up circuit, as well as producing her own work video comedy skit, Concetta has just the right mix of effervescent with sass. With a talent for quick wit that uplifts, to laugh with Concetta is to become her friend. She brings her warm yet slightly neurotic energy to all her work and this is seen most clearly in her podcast series, ‘Get Over It’, hosted alongside John Robles. During lockdown, Concetta has been isolating with her comedian boyfriend, Ben. As a new couple, being thrown into close quarters for an extended period time is a test, even for couples who have been together for years.

Episode 5: Body Image In Isolation

with Sarah Bryan

Sarah Bryan

Sarah Bryan is a social media ambassador for The Butterfly Foundation and runs her own personal coaching on dealing with body image, eating disorders and body dysmorphia. Having suffered from body image related illnesses, Sarah’s insight will be valuable and relatable on this episode.

Episode 4: How online communities help connection

with Nic Kelly

Nic Kelly

Nic Kelly, a former radio producer/presenter, a music journalist and founder of Project U is familiar with work and life on the road. Whether through radio or digital content, Nic’s life centres around digital connection. As the music industry shut down earlier this year, Nic was one of the first to launch his own live streaming IGTV music series talking to the likes of Kota Banks, Banoffee and Kira Puru. He brings both a professional and personal approach to this episode.

Episode 3: Why we need to address racism during COVID-19

with Vicky Xu

Vicky Xu

Vicky Xu is a Chinese-born journalist, working in Australia. She has reported for the New York Times and ABC News, with her journalism focusing on both Chinese politics and her experiences as a Chinese migrant. She now works as an analyst for the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. She’s also a stand-up comedian. As a fantastic communicator and with an unparalleled insight into living a between two cultures, Vicky brings a valuable and authentic voice to this important topic.    

Episode 2: What Happens When Isolating At Home Isn't Safe?

with Isaiah Dawe

Isaiah Dawe, a Butchulla and Gawara Saltwater Murray man, is the CEO/Founder of ID Know Yourself. An indigenous-led organisation that works with Aboriginal youth in the out of home care system, Isaiah draws on his own experiences in foster care when working with young people.

Episode 1: Turning Your Struggles Into Creative Fuel

with Struthless

Struthless, AKA Campbell Walker, is an illustrator and artists who uses his creative medium as a means of processing his mental health. Known for his tongue-in-cheek cartoons and animated videos, Struthless connects perfectly with his nonchalant humour, his openness and authenticity on his mental health, and how his work is deeply connected to this.

Season 1

Episode 8: What Is A Toxic Relationship?

with Concetta Caristo

Concetta Caristo

Concetta Caristo is an Italian woman first and a comedian second. She has trained as an improvisor with the Improv Theatre Company and performs regular stand up shows talking all things kweens, therapy and the power in reclaiming our stories. Concetta has been able to use her experiences with toxic relationships in her family life to help form her comedy shows and share her story with her audiences in a unique blend of stand-up, storytelling and theatre.

Episode 7: What is Love?

with Emeli Paulo

Emeli Paulo is the founder of Collective Potential, a social enterprise like no other. She is driven to inspire and empower people to take control of their own wellbeing. Emeli is not only an empathetic and strong social entrepreneur, but she is also a survivor herself. As a child she was sexually abused and she lost her parents as a teenager. Although she has a lot of love to give, she’s always struggled to find love herself. Emeli’s story is important as it teaches young people the importance of self love when you’re looking for love yourself.


Episode 6: Burnt Out and Busy

with Larry Heath 

Larry Heath founded and ran one of Australia’s leading self-published websites, AU Review, in 2008 without any financial backing. He continued to build and develop the publication while managing other music industry roles for 10 years, until he was forced to take a step back due to his health. He also co-founded the National Live Music Awards. His passion for the industry had a deep impact on Larry’s health – and has been a battle he has been honest about.

Episode 5: Who Am I?

with Omar Sakr

Omar Sakr is an award-winning poet who uses his art and writing to explore his multi-cultural and faceted identity as a bisexual Muslim born to Lebanese and Turkish parents, and raised in Western Sydney. Omar’s writing takes hold of labels associated with his ethnicity and sexuality and aims to bring a voice to a previously narrow Arab Australian identity narrative.

Episode 4: Loneliness - From URL to IRL

with Louis Hanson

Louis Hanson's work appears on PEDESTRIAN.TV editorial and as a video host. In 2018 Louis wrote and published Ben, the boy who paints his nails, a children's picture storybook highlighting the importance of individuality and queer identity. He also launched FVCK, a Gen Z social commentary podcast uncovering different taboo or awkward subjects each episode, from puberty blues and ghosting, to antidepressants and first dates.

Episode 3: The F Word - Talking Financial Anxiety

with Maggie O'Neill

Maggie O'Neill moved from Canberra to Sydney for a cadetship at UBS investment bank whilst studying full-time. Living out of home, studying and working on minimum wage, Maggie struggled to make ends meet. Post-study, Maggie has secured her work at a new-age investment firm that meets the needs of Australia’s medical research companies with large profile investors looking to contribute their funds to the greater good.

Episode 2: STIs, Stigmas And Staying Safe

with Robbie Redbook & Alexandra Trkulja

Robbie Redbook is a Registered Nurse in Primary Health Care, specialising in general practice and sexual health. He also works as a speaker, presenter and writer across topics including burnout, LGBTQI health, emotional intelligence, leadership, digital therapeutics and more. In 2016 he founded the video channel Hot on Health, which then evolved into the ‘Nurse Robbie’ umbrella of today.

Aleksandra Trkulja is a sex & relationship therapist with experience working in the mental health care industry. Aleks works as a counsellor at Pure Insights and is well-versed in Women’s Issues, Relationship Counselling and Mental Health Counselling. Her research in all of these areas has helped inform her Femme Therapy workshops, empowering couples and women’s relationships with their bodies.

Episode 1: Opening Up About Anxiety

with Adit Gauchan

Adit Gauchan is producer and one half of the Australian band Horrorshow. His music is personal, emotional and honest. Raised as a buddhist, Adit has a unique view on the world and on suffering. His hardest challenge to date was the death of his younger brother in late 2018.

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