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Bupa Foundation is Kids Helpline's Principal Partner

Bupa is committed to supporting Kids Helpline through shared value and creating positive change to the lives of children and young people across Australia. We are proud to work with an organisation that shares the same vision and commitment to helping create brighter futures. 
Bupa enables yourtown’s Kids Helpline team to deliver the Kids Helpline @ School program free to all primary school students across Australia, and Kids Helpline’s My Circle, which provides clinically guided peer-to-peer support to young people nationally. 

CyberCX and Kids Helpline have a shared purpose of securing our communities and shared focus on empowering people to manage risk, build resilience, and grow confidently. CyberCX provides Kids Helpline with fortified cybersecurity, all in support of our mission to empower and protect children and young people.  

We are honoured to work with the leading provider of end-to-end cyber security and cloud services. Their support will help Kids Helpline strengthen and maintain our cybersecurity defense now and into the future.