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Because every call for help deserves to be answered

Qualified help for kids in Australia, anytime (really!)

Every hour of every day, young people contact Kids Helpline.
Your support is needed for the growing number of kids in need. It could be your kids, the neighbour’s family or someone from your child’s school.

Help young people by supporting Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline is a service of yourtown — 100% of your donation will go to helping us connect with more kids.

We help kids like


At 14, Lisa was living in a violent family home. She was in real danger and didn't know what to do. Then she discovered Kids Helpline.

"For years I was too scared to tell anybody about what was happening at home…"


We help kids like


From the age of 13 till she was nearly 20, Rebecca hurt herself in order to cope with her feelings. Kids Helpline helped her.

I wasn’t happy and I knew harming myself wasn’t a good coping mechanism…



We help kids like


At 16, Dave was struggling to cope and had turned to self harming and smoking pot. He hopes his story will help others... 

"Abuse is hard to live with, now I think about it, I blocked it out."



Kids struggle with big issues. 

Kids reach out to us for support, hope and someone they can trust. These are the most common reasons kids contacted us last year:

Anxiety, depression and clinical disorders impact kids every day. Kids reach out feeling bullied, alone, stressed and scared. Divorce, rivalry and abuse in the home are big problems for kids, as is struggling with pressure, sexuality and relationships — they need someone they can trust.

Self-harm and youth suicide is critical issue for our young people, and we help in many ways — they need us and we need you.

5 most common reasons children and young people seek help from Kids Helpline

Every person has the ability to change the world

There are many ways to show you care — you can make a difference

Donations & Regular Giving

100% of your donation will go to helping us connect with more kids. Providing free 24/7 qualified counsellors is expensive. Give a little, give a lot — every dollar counts!

Support us to Win!

When you buy tickets in the yourtown Prize Home and Prestige Car draws, you’re supporting Kids Helpline. Have a chance to win a million dollar prize and help make a difference Australian kids — there’s a draw closing soon!

Make a Bequest

Your enduring generosity can make a real difference. Remember Kids Helpline in your will to build a future generation of happier, healthier and safer Aussie kids.

Host a Fundraising Event

Get involved today! The generosity and support of schools, workplaces, and individuals help us to fund our vital services.

Corporate Partnership

Now is a great time for us to work together to do amazing things. Let’s show the world your brand is ready to make a positive community impact, that you are ready to care for kids.