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Hey! Welcome to Kids Helpline

We provide free support and counselling (talking through problems) to people aged 5-25. 

You can chat to us about ANYTHING big or small, serious, or silly, easy, or complicated, long or short, bad or good, in the past, future or now... 

The most common things people talk about include mental health, emotions, and family & friend relationships. 

The stuff you say is private & confidential - and you can remain anonymous. 


How Kids Helpline can help you...

self-help content

Have a browse through our website and follow us on socials! We have loads of content online from mental health explainers to personality quizzes.

We’re always keen to hear your feedback too on the types of articles and posts you want to see. 
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peer-to-peer support

It's called 'My Circle' – it’s a safe, private, and free social media platform that’s good for your mental health. You can talk to other young people just like you about different topics.  
My Circle is moderated by Kids Helpline counsellors. 

Learn more about My Circle

phone counselling

We're open 24/7, it's a free call and the fastest way to get help. You'll hear a hold message and then music, until a counsellor answers your call. They'll help you get started talking by asking questions - remember, there's no right or wrong thing to say!

Call us on 1800 55 1800

Learn more about phone counselling




You can also talk to us through instant messaging (typing with a counsellor). Webchat is very popular so there’s often a bit of wait to get through to a counsellor. 

Learn more about webchat

not after counselling? here's other things we do too...

  • Research on different issues and make important recommendations to help improve the lives of young people living in Australia
  • We run educational sessions in schools on a range of different topics, like managing emotions and making friends
  • We help give young people a voice on things that affect them, by chatting to important decision-making bodies, like governments
  • We're not for profit, which means that we rely on different types of funding and donations to continue supporting young people - and you can fundraise or donate to us!