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I need help… but I’m scared to call

We get it – it can be really nerve wracking! That’s why we’ve created a handy guide on how Kids Helpline can support you

We answer your questions about counselling, how it all works and what you can chat about – as well as give you useful self-help info and other support options.

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Dealing with mental health issues?

Join our online group to chat to others going through the same stuff

My Circle is our free and confidential social media platform for 12-25 year olds.

Struggling with how you look?

Improve your body image and self-esteem

We’ve got loads of strategies to help you feel better about yourself and gain self-confidence.

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Your fave thing was our info & advice

In 2023, your top posts covered topics like sexting/sending nudes, LGBTIQ+, emotional abuse and toxic relationships, porn, ADHD and suicide. Follow us for all the best info/advice/tips from Kids Helpline counsellors.

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