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After lots of fights, my parents kicked me out

Angus experienced a lot of conflict with his family and ended up with nowhere to stay

"We get along much better now."



"It was so stressful never knowing where I would sleep"

When I was 16 I was always fighting with my parents. We used to go days without talking. They were angry with me and they never listened to me. I was always told I was wrong and needed to change. It got so bad that they kicked me out of home - I came home one day to find all my stuff at the front door, with the door locked and no one home.

I had nowhere to stay and ended up staying a few nights with a friend, then moving on to a different friend. It was so stressful never knowing where I would sleep.

I still managed to go to school but it was hard and my grades started slipping. I eventually found a place to live with help from my school counsellor. I talked to a really nice counsellor from Kids Helpline who supported me when things were really bad. I’ve also been able to work things out with my parents and we get along much better now. We still live apart but it's much better than it was. 

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