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Homelessness is having nowhere stable to live. Whatever the reason for leaving home – having a safe place to stay is really important. Learn more about homelessness, the impact it can have and who can help.


Homelessness isn’t just sleeping on the streets

Being homeless means not having a stable or safe place to live.

Homelessness can include:

  • Couch surfing

  • Sleeping outside

  • Living or sleeping in a car

  • Staying in a shelter, hostel or refuge

  • Living in an abandoned house or building

  • Staying in overcrowded housing

  • Living in temporary accommodation

Being homeless means not having a stable place to live, not feeling safe, not having privacy and not having control over your living arrangements.

Homelessness can affect anyone

There are a number of reasons someone may become homeless. Some causes include:




Family troubles

Money issues

Illness or disability

Mental health issues

Alcohol or drug use

The impact of being homeless

When a person becomes homeless, even for a short time, the impacts can last a long time.

It can be harder for people to:

  • Find a job

  • Look after their health

  • Stay connected with others


It can also have an effect on:

  • Safety

  • Self-esteem

  • Mental health

  • Study and school

  • Drug and alcohol use

  • Ability to cope with everyday stresses

Who can help?

If you’re in danger or need a safe place to stay, these 24hr services can help:

Local hospital
Kids Helpline - 1800 55 1800
Lifeline - 13 11 14

Nearly half of all homeless people are under the age of 25.

You’re not alone, there is support available.

Don’t give up – we can help

Kids Helpline is FREE to call and available 24/7

If you’re experiencing or facing homelessness, there are many services that can help you find a safe place to stay or help you with food and clothing.

Give us a call, start a WebChat or send us an email today and we’ll support you to get into contact with them.


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