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Risk taking

Often risk taking refers to drinking alcohol or taking drugs, but there’s many different types of risk taking. Not all risks are negative.

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Figuring out risk

Each situation may hold different levels of risk. And everybody has a different threshold for the level of risk they’ll take on.

  • Some risks help you to grow and move beyond your comfort zone eg loving somebody when you’re afraid of rejection

  • Some risk teaches you about what you like and what you don’t eg when you experiment with new things, situations or relationships

  • Other types of risks can be dangerous or illegal with serious consequences for your health and wellbeing – this is often what people refer to when they talk about risk taking

Be aware of the level of risk

Knowing what you’re ok with and what you’re not is a learning process. Sometimes you might feel comfortable with the risks but at other times you may feel very distressed or upset.

Here’s some signs to look out for:

You find yourself in situations you’re not comfortable with
You’re doing something illegal
You’re doing something that might hurt somebody else
It could have lasting impacts upon your health
It could affect your relationships now and in the future
It could affect your education or career

Find out what level of risk you’re comfortable with

Understand the risks to you and those around you.

Thinking ahead can help you make a good decision. At other times, it’s not until after you’ve taken the risk that you learn what’s ok for you and what isn’t.

Avoid illegal behaviours or situations

Try to stick with risks that enhance your health and wellbeing

Be true to yourself – avoid doing it because you want to belong or fit in

Accept that it might not work out and be prepared

"Talking about risky situations with somebody you trust can help you figure out what you’re ok with and what you’re not."

Not all risk is the same

Understand what the risk is and do what’s comfortable for you.

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