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Your 2020 in review

In October & November 2020, we surveyed 592 young people aged 13-25 and learned that your top 5 issues of concern were:

    Let's take a look at what you told us, and how we can help!

    Body image

    When it came to body image, you were looking for acceptance, empathy and support.

    What you said parents should do:

    "Keep in mind that it's a topic to be sensitive and respectful about, keeping any negative comments to themselves and helping to remind us how important it is to take care of our bodies."

    Tricky emotions

    You said you want others to be open to you talking about your emotions, and help to process and understand them without judgement

    "Educating. Helping to calm kids and young people down. Helping them to learn how to regulate. Talking about those emotions and feelings without saying they are bad."

    - A respondent's ideas for how we can help

    Stress, burnout, school & university

    There was a lot of overlap between stress, burnout and education.
    When it came to these topics, here's what young people told us…

    Stress & burnout

    You wanted adults to have realistic expectations and help you to set realistic expectations too. You need schools to be more understanding and supportive of students with mental health issues.

    You also valued communication and education about stress and mental health. 

    "Our school system needs to take the issue of mental health more seriously by enabling students to learn about coping mechanisms and how to support those struggling with mental health problems."

    - One respondent on schools

    "Be more understanding on mental health and the effects and how serious it is. Give more support to students who are struggling rather than favouring the ones that get good grades. Be more lenient with work due dates and assignments."

    - One respondent on teachers

    School & university

    You thought schools should embrace the new technologies being utilised for off-site learning as classes return to school.

    "The school should ease certain rules to adapt for the return of onsite learning, teachers themselves can change learning to make it more engaging and enjoyable now we're in classrooms."

    - One respondent on school and teachers

    Other Stuff

    While the majority of respondents were female, the top 5 issues were consistent across genders.
    Let's look at how some of the results broke down across gender and age.

    Young men and gender diverse people were more likely to be concerned about gender identity (male 24%, gender diverse 55% and female 2%).

    Young men were more likely to be concerned about bullying or harassment (males 21% vs 8% overall). 

    Gender diverse people were more likely to be concerned about inequality & discrimination (gender diverse 15% vs 5% overall).

    Young people aged 13 to 15 were more likely to be concerned about bullying or harassment (13% vs 8% overall).

    Young people aged 19 to 25 were more likely to be concerned about respect in relationships (14% vs 9% overall), finances (17% vs 8% overall), and work (13% vs 4% overall).

    Thank you!

    We truly appreciate everyone who participated in the survey.

    We will be using this to inform what we do over the next year, so stay tuned!

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