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How Parentline can help you

Parenting can be a tough job but also really rewarding. Talking to a Parentline counsellor can help you navigate difficult parenting dilemmas.

Split picture - Mum looking overwhelmed by parenting and then calmly talking on the phone to a counsellor

There's not one rule book for parenting!

Everyone’s life circumstances are different.

At times, family life can be moving along well.

At others, there may be challenges which push you and your child to your limits.

“My call to Parentline helped me focus on my needs as well as my child’s needs” – Parent of an 8 year old

How talking to a Parentline counsellor can help

You're not alone and there’s support available.

Be listened to by a qualified counsellor outside of the situation
Tune into your needs right now as a parent (as well as your child’s)
Work out your strategies for making meaningful change
Get information and resources about children and parenting
Access individually paced over-the-phone parenting skills training
Understand your family dynamics more clearly

What happens when you call?

Deciding to talk to someone about your family can be a big step.

You can ask for a male or female counsellor

You can request an interpreter

Your strengths will be recognised, with respect and understanding

You can speak with the same counsellor for ongoing support

You can call if you're a parent, step parent, grandparent, guardian or carer

You'll be asked what you want to talk about and what you most need from the call

Counselling is confidential unless you or someone else is at risk of harm

Some Parentline services also offer web counselling

Useful contacts

There is a different Parentline service in each State or Territory

Parentline Queensland and the Northern Territory

1300 30 1300 (cost of a local call)
8am to 10pm, seven days a week


Parentline Victoria

13 22 89 (cost of a local call)
Open 8am to midnight 7 days a week


Parent Helpline South Australia

1300 364 100 (cost of a local call)
7:15am to 9:15pm, seven days a week


Parent Line NSW

1300 1300 52 (cost of a local call)
9am to 9pm Monday - Friday
4pm to 9pm Saturday and Sunday


Ngala Parenting Line WA

(08) 9368 9368 or 1800 111 546 (free for STD callers)
8am to 8pm, 7 days a week


Parentline ACT

02 6287 3833 (cost of a local call)
9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday


Parent Line Tasmania

1300 808 178 (cost of a local call)
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

If you are looking for more digital services and resources, check out Head to Health.

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Thanks for your feedback!

Talking helps! We’re here for your kids.

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