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Resources and Referrals 

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Looking for helpful wellbeing resources for your school or students?


Program resources

Once you have booked a session, the project officer will be in contact to help you test your technology and plan and tailor your session content. Here are some useful documents that may help.

Download a Kids Helpline school newsletter insert here.

Download our free Presentations you can deliver to educate your students about Kids Helpline.

'Support Network' / '5 Fingers of Support' Student Handout to support your students to develop help-seeking skills.
Handout Instructions: 
1. Invite students to use the handout to identify 4 adults that they would talk to if they had gut feelings of being unsafe or were struggling with their mental health (examples of adult supports include aunts/ uncles, older cousins, tutor, librarian, coach, friend's parents, older family member).
2. Explain how pets and friends should not be a finger of support even though they can be great listeners and non judgemental. Explain that with help seeking for mental health or risk they need to also share with an adult in their support network given that adults have the capacity to problem solve & action change.
3. Explain how it is normal to have to speak to more than one adult when help seeking, and that they will need to keep telling a person on their Support Network until their issues are resolved.

Program Overview: An overview of the program's evidence base.

Risk of Harm Management Plan: An overview of our processes to manage any potential risk of harm through involvement in the program.

Other resources and referrals

There are a number of helpful services for schools and students in your local area. Whether you are looking for information, other services, professional development or useful resources, check out our referral list to see what is available in your area.

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