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Kids Helpline has been involved in a number of projects in Northern Queensland

Resilience classroom resource

Friendship, community & music | Amariah's & Theleigha's story

Young people asked us for video content showcasing resilience. Two Cairns high school students share challenges they have faced and their resilience strategies. This video can be used in a classroom setting to showcase strategies that include finding purpose, developing social supports and finding healthy coping outlets.

What is the challenge you faced and how did you get through it?

We ran a competition asking young people in Northern QLD to share a challenge they experienced and how they overcame it.

We received 17 entries, from 24 students across 6 schools. Congratulations to winner Tayler from Woree State High School!

The Townsville Floods 2019

Kids Helpline provided additional support to flood affect regions

The program was able to be responsive and run sessions at short notice to ensure students were aware of help-seeking options immediately following the floods.

Young people contacting Kids Helpline for support from flood affected regions were given priority, enabling them to be answered faster.

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