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Bored? Stressed? Want to take your mind off things?

Introducing... the Thinking Brain Game!

Navigate the maze and solve the puzzles to unlock the coping ‘hacks’ – all while having fun! Plus, you might learn some new ways to de-stress or cope with anxiety (while you play).

How do I play?

Anxiety has taken over the brain! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get your own brain thinking and help calm the anxious brain before it becomes so overwhelmed it explodes! You’ll need to:

The maze

Use the arrow keys to explore the maze

A puzzle

Solve the puzzles to earn stars

The control room

Unlock all six coping 'hacks' (one per level) to win!

See the game in action!

Wondering what the game is like or what other people think?

"Oh my gosh, we got four more stars! I'm gonna explore more of this maze because there's so much more to see and do."

-Luke, gamer

Finished playing and want more?

Maybe you were interested in the coping 'hacks' you learned and want more info about anxiety. Or, maybe you just want more fun stuff. Either way, we've got you covered!

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Having fun is a great way to de-stress or cope with anxiety.

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