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The little comics making a big difference

It can be hard to know how to talk about some of the big issues, like abuse and suicide. 

But our comics should help you tackle these tricky topics.

They can all be downloaded, or ordered in hard copy for free. And each story comes with an animated video version!

When your friend is being bullied: Comic

When your friend is being bullied...

Whether you're a student, school or organisation, our new comic can help in making those conversations around bullying easier.

When your friend is thinking about suicide...

You might not know what to do, but these two stories are designed to help you tackle the topic of suicide.

When your friend is being abused...

These two stories were created to help to start the conversation around abuse. There's one for High School students, and one for Primary School students.

Want to order your copies?

Free hard copies of our comics are now available to order!