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When your friend is being bullied...

Boy looking sad as he sits at his school desk while other students throw things at him and insult him

"Did you see the snap Hiro just sent?!"

When Hiro shares a photo of Maddy online, he thinks it's just a laugh. Until he comes to school the next day and finds he has a target on his back...

Sound familiar? It's a story we hear all too often at Kids Helpline!

Upset girl looking at her phone while thinking "I thought he was my friend..."
When your friend is being bullied comic covers

Bullying can hurt and cause a lot of pain.

It can also be really hard to know what to do. But you don't have to do it alone...

We've created this FREE comic to help you deal with bullying! 

Whether you're a student, school or organisation, our new comic can help in making those conversations around bullying easier.

Check out the links to download a version, or go to our order form to get your free copy mailed out!

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