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Recommended for all high school year levels

Fostering Resilience

Inner strength in the face of adversity

This topic builds students' individual, internal resilience skills in order to empower and improve student self-efficacy. 

The learning intentions for this lesson includes an understanding of what resilience is and why it’s important, and a knowledge of five evidence-based individual and internal strategies that can help support the development of resilience.


  • Understanding Resilience
  • Self-care - diet, exercise & sleep
  • Positivity - optimism & reframing challenges as opportunities
  • Perspective - self-awareness, insight & flexible thinking styles
  • Problem-solving - self-efficacy and cognitive competence
  • Purpose - finding meaning & helping others
  • Persevere - understanding neuroplasticity
Session duration (up to 60 minutes) will be collaborated with the booking teacher and personalised for your school timetable.
Recommended session size is 5 - 50 students.
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Topic Resources

For Teachers

To see how this topic aligns with the curriculum, click HERE

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For Students

To download a free Problem-Solving worksheet, click HERE

To download a free Developing Resilience worksheet, click HERE

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