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Recommended for all high school year levels

Kids Helpline & Help-Seeking

Information on help-seeking and support options for young people

This topic is designed to inform students about Kids Helpline, promote help-seeking behaviours and overcome help-seeking barriers young people face.  The learning intentions of this topic includes understanding the benefits of counselling and a knowledge of help-seeking options.


  • Introduction to Kids Helpline
  • Overview of why young people contact Kids Helpline
  • Help-seeking – barriers and options
  • Defining the role of counsellors
  • Brain basics: how does counselling work?
  • Practical help-seeking skills
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Question and Answer
Topic duration is approximately 30 minutes.
Recommended session size is 5 - 50 students.
This topic can be tailored to be delivered at school assemblies or to larger groups. 


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Topic Resources

For Educators

For more information about the topic evidence-base, click HERE

To order free Kids Helpline promotional materials, click HERE

To read the Kids Helpline 2019 Insights Report summarising the needs and experiences of young people reaching out to our service, click HERE

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