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Understanding Bullying

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What is bullying?

Bullying includes many things, such as someone:

  • calling you a name or saying hurtful things to you
  • taking money or food off you
  • swearing at you
  • pushing you around
  • hurting your body in any way, such as pushing, pinching, punching or kicking you
  • leaving you out or ignoring you

VERY IMPORTANT: Bullying is NOT your fault and never something that you deserve. You should be able to feel happy and safe wherever you are.

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What to do if you are being bullied…

If you are being bullied, it can be very helpful to talk to someone you trust. This person might be a grownup such as a Kids Helpline counsellor, parent, grandparent, carer or a teacher. Or you might want to talk to your brother or sister, or a friend -someone who will believe you and listen to you.

Speaking out about bullying

When you tell someone about being bullied, it will help if you:

  • take your time telling your story. Don’t rush
  • be honest about who is hurting you and tell your trusted adult what you would like to happen
  • if nothing changes keep telling this person and other people you trust about what’s happening, or you might like to try telling someone else

What else can I do about bullying?
  • Don’t keep it a secret – telling someone really can help
  • If possible, avoid being alone with kids who bully – it can be safer with others around
  • Don’t fight back – it can make matters worse
  • Don’t bully or tease back
  • Try to be calm
  • Practice what you might say or do if someone is bullying you. You might like to try this with someone you trust or you might like to talk with a Kids Helpline counsellor about this
  • Talk to a teacher. Most schools have a plan to stop bullying and will be able to help you.
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