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Your body: Staying safe

Girl giving a thumbs up

Your body belongs to you

You are the boss of your body and what you say goes! From your head to your toes, nobody else can go – unless you say so. You have the right to say no.

Kid being high fived, at the doctors and been hugged

Safe touch

Safe touch is when someone shows you they care with a hug, a pat on the back or a high five. Sometimes it’s keeping you safe by holding your hand to cross the road. Other times it's help from a doctor or parent if you are sick or hurt.

Kid looking worried with adult's hands on shoulders

Unsafe touch

Unsafe touch is any touch that hurts your body or makes you feel uncomfortable. It might make you feel confused or scared. It’s when someone touches you where you don’t want to be touched.

Three kids at the beach in swimmers

Private parts are private

Private parts include your genitals, bottom and also your chest and nipples. They are the parts of your body under your swimmers and are usually kept out of view, except for boys who show their chest and nipples.

Silhouette of boy and girl with private parts blanked out

It’s not ok to look, touch or play with each other’s private parts

No one should touch your private parts. No one can ask you to touch theirs. No one should show you pictures of private parts. If this happens, you should tell someone you trust straight away.

Girl in park thinking about how she feels with thought bubbles

Your body gives you clues if you feel unsafe

If you feel unsafe your body might send you some clues. You may get a funny feeling in your tummy. Your heart might beat really fast. You may feel shaky, sweaty or have wobbly knees.

Upset girl holding teddy bear with silhouette of adult saying "shhh"

Some secrets shouldn’t be kept

It’s OK to talk about secrets that make you feel upset, worried or uncomfortable. Nobody should ask you to keep a secret if it’s about your body or private parts.

Girl holding her palm out with STOP written on it

If I feel unsafe I can…

Say No or Stop. I can tell them that I don’t like that or not to touch me that way. If you can, run away or yell for help. Tell someone you trust as soon as you can.

The people you can talk to that you trust

My safety circle

A safety circle is made up of people who you can talk to about your body safely or when you feel sad, scared or unsure. It could be your mum, dad, carer, grandparent, aunty, teacher or a friend’s parent. Who is in your safety circle?

Split screen of kid on computer and Kids Helpline counsellor

Kids Helpline is here for you

If you can’t tell an adult in your life then tell a counsellor at Kids Helpline. We will listen and help you.

Boy calling Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800

You are not alone

We’ll listen, believe you and support you in staying safe. Give us a call, send us an email or start a WebChat today.

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