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Why sleep is important for you

Child sleeping in bed

Why do you need sleep?

Your body and your brain need sleep to have a break from being busy all day. Sleep helps you build up the energy you need to play and learn again the next day.

Brain with sleep mask on

Your brain needs sleep to...

Help you remember what you have learned. To help you focus the next day. It needs sleep to think of new ideas and help you solve problems.

Girl sleeping and floating in the air, her body surrounded by a force field with frowning germs

Your body needs sleep to...

Grow and rest. To heal and fix injuries. Your body needs sleep to help you stay healthy and to fight off sickness.

Alarm clock sleeping next to glass of water

How long do I need to sleep?

You need around 10 to 12 hours sleep each night. It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to sleep so your body and brain can get ready for the next day.

Child laying awake in bed counting sheep

But sometimes I can't sleep!

Every now and then it can be hard to get to sleep. But if it happens a lot and it’s causing problems during the day, it’s important to let someone know.

Child in bedroom looking out window at the night sky

What can help?

Going to bed at the same time every night so your body knows it’s time to sleep. It also helps to have a comfortable and quiet place to sleep.

Three children - one brushing teeth, one reading a book and one listening to music on an iphone

A bedtime routine can help too!

It can help to do the same things every night before bed - like cleaning your teeth, reading a book or listening to relaxing music.

Boy calling Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800

Having trouble sleeping?

We're here to help. Give us a call, send an email or start a WebChat.

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This content was last reviewed 14/01/2020