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Why am I so sad?

Child looking sad, with dog

Feeling sad happens to everybody

You don’t always need a reason to feel sad – sometimes sadness can creep up on you and you’re not really sure why.

Child looking sadly out window and watching two children play with a ball

Why do people feel sad?

You might feel sad if you have a problem to deal with, had a fight with somebody, or if you’re missing out on something fun. Sometimes you don’t know why you feel sad.

Child sits sadly in armchair

You might not feel like yourself

When you’re sad your body can feel heavy, tired, or sick. You probably won’t feel like doing the things you used to. Lots of people feel this way when they’re sad.  

Girl and boy sit on swing

Ask for help

If you feel sad most of the time and have felt this way for a long time, then it could mean that you need somebody to help you get past it. Sometimes you can’t do it by yourself – and that’s ok! 

Child in bed, crying, being comforted by adult

Talking about sadness is ok

If you’re sad all the time and need help to feel better again then talk to a parent or adult you trust. Also tell a friend you trust. Call a Kids Helpline counsellor and get some ideas on how to start feeling better.

Girl climbing a tree

Be kind to yourself

Try to be patient until it passes. Remove yourself from places or people who make you feel worse. Take some time out to just rest, relax, or doing something you enjoy! It helps to take your mind off things.

Boy and girl sit on pier and watch sunset

Remember, sadness will go away in time

It doesn’t hang around forever – even if it feels like it will! Sadness usually goes away after a little while. Tomorrow is a chance to start again!

Boy calling Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800, email and webchat messages

Sadness can be hard to deal with alone

Get some extra help - give us a call, send an email or start a WebChat.

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