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When someone you love dies

Girl sitting down looking sad with Mum who is also sad

People often feel sad when someone they love dies

It’s normal to feel a lot of emotions - surprise, anger, sadness. You might cry a lot, or you might feel sad and not cry. Everyone reacts differently to losing someone. 

Sad girl dreaming about spending time with her Grandma

Things might feel different for a while

You might really miss the person who died and wish for them to come back. You might also feel sad for a little while. But remember, feeling happy and laughing is ok too.

Boy hugging parents

You are not alone

Other people might be feeling sad too. It can help to share memories together, or talk about how you feel. If Mum or Dad are too sad, find another adult you trust to talk to.

Girl painting a picture of her Grandpa

How can I feel better?

It might help to find a way to say goodbye - you could write a letter or a poem, or do a drawing. It can also help to do something that makes you happy like listening to music or hanging out with your friends.

Boy calling Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800

Look after yourself

If you need someone to talk to - give us a call, send an email or start a WebChat.

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This content was last reviewed 15/02/2018