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Wanting to fit in

Girls skipping and holding hands

We all want to fit in and feel like we belong

It can feel really good to be liked by other people and being part of a group of friends can be a lot of fun.

Group of friends eating lunch - some with sandwiches, one with sushi

Be yourself and you’ll fit right in!

Being part of a group can mean that you like and do some of the same things as your friends. But don’t forget, you can still be yourself!

Boys talking about not letting anyone on the playground, girl thinking that it's not fair

Try to listen to your own voice

Sometimes it might feel like you have to say or do things to be a part of the group. Think about what feels right to you - do you feel ok with what the group is doing?

Girl saying no to hanging out with mean boys

It’s ok to say no

If you don’t feel ok about doing something, it is ok to say no. Or you might like to walk away or change the topic.

Girl looking at other kids playing

Keep a look out for good friends

The right group of friends won’t ask you to do things that make you feel bad. Look for people that you like being around and who like you for who you are.

Boy calling Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800

It can be hard to find your group

If you need someone to talk to - give us a call, send an email or start a WebChat.

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Thanks for your feedback!

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