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There's a new member in my family

Cartoon people reconciliation

A new baby sister or brother, WOW!

A new baby can be exciting. They are cute, cuddly and special. They can also be noisy and a bit smelly if they need their nappy changed.

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A baby can mean changes for your family

The way you and your family do things at home might change.  At first your parents may be busy with the baby and it might feel like they have less time to do fun things with you.

Cartoon people reconciliation

Let Mum and Dad know how you feel

You can tell your parents how to help you. You might want time alone with them, some space to yourself or even just a hug. Your feelings are important.

Cartoon people reconciliation

Having a little brother or sister can be fun!

It might be hard at the start when they can’t play with you and they cry a lot, but with time you just might begin to love them and find ways to have fun together.

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A new baby in the family can be a big change

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