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Talking to your parents

Girl and parent sitting together on couch and talking

If you live with your parents you might talk to them a lot

Talking to your parents is something you probably do every day or most days. You might tell them about school or friends, ask them questions or get help with something.

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But talking with your parents can sometimes be hard!

Sometimes you feel sad, angry or upset. Maybe you don’t know how to talk to your parents about it, so you bottle it up instead.

Girl crying with angry parent in the background

You might worry what your parents will do or say

If you worry about what your parents think, you’re not alone! Lots of other kids have the same worries as you.

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Why it can be hard talking to your parents

You might worry your parents will get angry at you or you might get into trouble. Maybe you think they won’t listen, won’t believe you or you just don’t want to bother them with your problems.

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How do you have a good talk with your parents?

Luckily, we’ve got lots of tips to help you! On the next few pages we give you some ideas to make it easier to talk with your parents.

One kid holding a piece of paper and the other kid doing a 'thumbs up'

Tip 1: Practice

It can help to plan what you want to say. Try practicing with a friend or a counsellor at Kids Helpline. You could write down what you want to say before you try talking to your parents.

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Tip 2: Stay calm

Try to talk when you feel calm and less upset or angry. This helps you tell them what you need to say in a clear way that they can better understand.

Boy talking to parent face to face on couch

Tip 3: Time it right

Find a time when your parents aren’t busy so they can give you their attention. Try to do it when you’re alone or at home. This means they can listen carefully and understand what you are trying to tell them.

Kid using notebook and thinking/looking confused

Tip 4: Being unsure is ok

Remember, it's ok not to have all the answers! If your parents ask you lots of questions but you aren’t sure about the answers it’s ok to say “I don’t know yet” and together you can figure it out.

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For more tips on how to talk to your parents…

Contact us! We can help you know what to do next.  Everybody needs help sometimes and that’s ok! Talk to one of our friendly counsellors today. Give us a call, send an email or start a WebChat today. 

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