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How do I know if I'm cyberbullying?

Girls sending mean messages to another girl looking sad

Cyberbullying hurts

Cyberbullying is when people use technology to bully others. It's when someone says or does something to make you feel sad or scared using a phone or the internet.

Girl on computer being send insults, threats and rumours

Bullying someone online is never ok

Cyberbullying hurts. Even if you think it's funny or a joke, it's not ok to post something mean about somebody else. Being mean to someone isn't going to help you keep friends or become popular. 

Kid on computer with thought bubble: "is this ok to send?"

Think carefully about what you say online

Think about what you are sending. Once you send it you can't take it back. Make sure you feel good about what you say online. 

Girl on device with thought bubbles "nice?" or "mean?"

Check what you have written is ok to send

Ask yourself these questions: How would I feel if somebody sent this to me? What would mum say if she saw it? Would you say this to the person in real life?

Two kids gaming, one sends message that says "you're really good at this game"

Be kind and caring towards others

Try sending positive messages to people online. Tell them things you like about them. If they seem upset, ask if they are ok. 

Upset kid with mum holding iPad, showing what is online

If anything online is worrying you, show it to an adult

If you're not sure what to do then talk to somebody about it. Tell a teacher, parent, or somebody you trust. You can even call Kids Helpline and talk to a counsellor.

Boy calling Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800

It will be ok

There's always somebody you can talk to. Give us a call, send an email or start a WebChat.

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