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Being ok with being different

Cartoon people reconciliation

We are all different and that’s OK

We are all different from other people; we all look different, act different and like different things.

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Differences are what make life fun!

You might not be the same as your friend. They might not be the same as you. But you can learn new things from each other like how to cartwheel, cook a yummy meal or speak a new language!

Cartoon people reconciliation

Being different can sometimes make us feel sad or worried.

We might think other people don’t like us because we are different.  When people make us feel bad because we are different it’s not OK. Remember: good friends will like you for who you are!

Cartoon people reconciliation

You can show others that being different is OK.

You can help other kids feel good about their differences. Smile at them, ask them what they do for fun and if they want to play. You might make a new friend!

Learn to love your differences  

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This content was last reviewed 15/02/2018