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Email counselling is perfect for you if you can’t get to a phone or prefer to write things down. One of our counsellors will read your email carefully and reply with info, questions and suggestions for you. If you’d like more info check out our FAQ section.

Remember, the fastest way to talk with a counsellor is on the phone.
1800 55 1800 Free call even from mobiles!

Email counselling is easy



Check our our privacy policy and the info below
about getting started with our email counselling.



Take your time and write down how
you’re feeling. Our counsellors will
never judge you about what you say.



We’ll reply as soon as we can, with helpful ideas and questions for you to think about.  You can reply again.

Tips to get you started

The more info you provide, the better we can help you with what’s happening. It also means we can respond faster with more useful information.

Start of by telling us a bit about yourself
Your name, age, gender and postcode

Here’s some questions to get you started

What’s been happening?
Have you tried other things to help yourself?
Who else knows about what’s happening?
How long has it been going on?
How is it making you feel?
How are you hoping we will help you?
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