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Staying safe at parties

Happy children crowded around a lit birthday cake at a party

Going to a party can be heaps of fun!

Going to a party can be really exciting. It’s a chance to hang out with your friends, make new friends and sometimes to go to new places. Most of all it’s about having fun and celebrating!

Three kids rollerskating and holding onto each other

Stay with the group

Being at a party means you’ll see lots of people you may or may not know. You might go to a party at a friend’s house, a park or at a venue like bowling, swimming, roller-skating or trampolining. Be sure to stay with the group and stick with the people you know or the new kids you meet at the party.

Kid letting adult know that they need to go to the bathroom

Don’t go off on your own

You might need to go away from the group to have a rest or go to the bathroom. Ask a friend or group of friends or an adult you trust to go with you when you are away from the party. Taking someone with you helps you to stay safe.

Adult putting bandaid on kid's knee

Get help if you need it

Unfortunately sometimes people get hurt at parties. You can get help by talking to an adult you trust or to the staff at the party venue. Try and find somebody you know to help you.

Girl walking to car and waving bye to others

Have a plan to get to the party and get home again

Be really clear about who is dropping you off and picking you up. At the end of the party only go with the person who is supposed to pick you up. Have their phone number with you in case you need to call/text them.

Boy calling Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800

Follow these steps to stay safe so you can have a great time!

If you need extra help give us a call, start a WebChat or send us an email today.

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