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How to be happy being yourself

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Love your body for all that it can do!

Your body is amazing. It has so many great skills and talents it does every day. It helps you to laugh, breathe, think and play.

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Look after yourself

Looking after your body is important. We only get one! Eating healthy and exercising will help you to feel good and keep your body strong.

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Focus on the good things

Write a list of all the things that you and others like about yourself. Read this list often. Add to it when you find more things you like about yourself!

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Change the way you think about yourself

Catch those thoughts that are telling you negative things about yourself. Replace them with some positive ones.  Everybody has things they can like about themselves.

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It’s OK to look and be different. It’s what makes us special!

Remember, you are much more than how you look. If you need some help to feel happier being yourself, talk to one of our counsellors here at Kids Helpline.

You can also check out Head to Health for other digital services and resources.

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