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Recommended for all primary year levels

Developing Resilience

Bounce back and be emotionally strong

Learning intentions for students (Prep - Grade 3):

  • Learn about resilience and how it can be developed
  • Normalise challenges and difficulties
  • Practice resilience strategies to approach situations with confidence

Learning intentions for students (Grades 4-6):

  • Understand resilience and why it's valuable
  • Practice resilience strategies - positive, perspective, problem solve and persevere
  • Recognise personal qualities and achievements

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Topic Resources

Free Resources for Students:

Play Nickelodeon's "Get Real with your Feels" quiz HERE

Download Problem Solving worksheet HERE

Download Developing Resilience worksheet HERE

Download Resilience Strategies for Emotional Strength infosheet HERE

Download Stress Bucket worksheet HERE

Download Positive Self Talk infosheet HERE

Download Positive Self Talk worksheet HERE

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