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Kids Helpline's School Programs are still running during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Free educational sessions and resources for teachers and students

Are you a student or parent? Check out the resources we have created just for you!

Primary Schools

In-class sessions

We are still here and able to connect with your classroom via video conferencing. If you have students physically at school, please book a session today.

Online virtual learning

If your students are at home and you are connecting and running lessons via an online learning platform, invite us to join your class virtually!

We are also running a new COVID-19 topic, explaining the pandemic, exploring emotional impacts and teaching coping strategies. 

Free resources are available through our topics, and you can also order free promotional materials for your school.

High Schools

Free educational sessions via video link are currently available for schools in New South Wales, and Central, North and Far North Queensland.

If you are located in VIC, South or West QLD, SA, NT, WA, ACT or TAS and are interested in accessing free, educational sessions in the future, please register your interest HERE.

Two high school students talking

Talking helps! We’re here for you.

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