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Dealing with Homework


At lots of schools kids are given homework. Sometimes you might enjoy doing your homework, other times you might not be so happy to do it.

When you have done your homework, you can feel good about finishing it and can go to school feeling happy that you’ve done the work.

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Things to make homework easier…
  • When you get home from school, have a healthy snack before you start your homework
  • Try to set a regular time to do your homework that fits in with you and your family. Find out when you will be having dinner and anything else that might be happening such as music or sport
  • Create a comfortable homework spot. Think of a quiet place where you can work for a long time and not be interrupted. It’s also good to have an area that you feel relaxed and focused
  • Try stay away from things that can easily distract you, like your phone or social media
  • If you have tried to do your homework but don’t understand what you need to do, ask someone in your family that might be able to help
  • Make a list or chart to help you to decide what homework to do first, in order from most important to least important
  • Remember it’s okay to have short study break if you need, so you can stay refreshed and focused on your tasks
  • Teachers can help if you feel worried about homework or find it difficult to finish
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