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Support your students' mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Free sessions for NSW high schools!

Run by professionally qualified Kids Helpline counsellors via video link.

Our evidence-informed sessions have been created collaboratively with teachers and students to improve mental health literacy, coping and resilience skills and promote help-seeking behaviours. 

Just one Kids Helpline @ High School session can offer students a positive first experience of mental health services, which may help to overcome some common barriers to help-seeking, such as demystifying and normalising counselling.

Session topics

Kids Helpline & Help-seeking

Information on support options available to young people.

Emotional Intelligence

Mental health literacy, coping strategies and emotional regulation techniques.

Fostering resilience

Evidence-based resilience strategies, focused on changing thought patterns to overcome adversity.

Your Online Wellbeing

Protective strategies to reduce known dangers and improve wellbeing.

Cyberbullying & Mental Health

Skills for healthy ways of relating and dealing with cyberbullying behaviours.

Respectful Relationships

Strategies for managing intimacy, boundaries and assertive communication with peers.

How are sessions run?

Sessions are run virtually using video conferencing technology and are co-facilitated by the Kids Helpline counsellor and the teacher.

How many sessions can I book?

You can run as many sessions as you like! Some teachers organise for their class to run multiple topics. Some schools organise for every class in the school to complete a session on a particular topic. 

What do I need to do?

Once you've sent a booking request, we will send you further details. Please note you will need to complete a pre-session consultation, which allows us to setup the technology required, complete our risk of harm management procedures and tailor the session for your class.

How long are sessions?

Sessions typically run between 30-50 minutes. We can adapt session length to suit your school's requirements.

Ready to book your free sessions?

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To talk about how Kids Helpline @ High School NSW can best support your students, get in touch with the team on 0475 360 031 or email [email protected]

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Primary School Sessions

Kids Helpline @ School also offers free, early intervention and prevention sessions to primary schools around Australia.

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