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Recommended for all high school year levels

Cyberbullying and Mental Health

Skills for healthy ways of relating & dealing with cyberbullying behaviours

    This session aims to increase help seeking for cyberbullying and provide students with strategies to protect themselves, deal with online bullying, and ensure they know how to support peers effectively.

    Learning Intentions:

    •   Define online bullying behaviours
    •   Challenge attitudes that support & encourage online bullying
    •   Identify myths from facts with the causes and impacts of Cyberbullying 
    •   Teach protective behaviours for dealing with cyberbullying

                 'Stay calm, Screenshot it, Block it, now Put it in your Pocket!' (poster below)

    Optional alternatives:  

    •   Promote effective help-seeking as a key protective factor to online safety 
    •   Promote safe bystander ('upstander') behaviour online 
    •   Encourage positive online interactions and conflict management with empathy, assertiveness, and impulse control 

    Topic duration is approximately 50 minutes.
    Recommended session size is 5 - 50 students.
    This topic can be tailored to be delivered at school assemblies or to larger groups. 


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    Topic Resources

    For Teachers

    Kids Helpline 'Screenshot it, Block it, now Put it in Your Pocket' poster, click here

    Kids Helpline cyberbullying resource hub for teachers, click here

    Kids Helpline cyberbullying guide for young people, click here

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