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Bring A Counsellor To School

What Is It?

Kids Helpline @ SchoolKids Helpline @ School is an early intervention and prevention model for all primary school aged students around Australia. The program allows primary schools to invite Kids Helpline counsellors into their classroom via video link or phone.

How Does It Work?

Each session is facilitated by a tertiary qualified Kids Helpline counsellor who then works with the teacher/school counsellor to tailor each session to the needs of the school and particular class.

What Do Students Get Out Of It?

Kids have the opportunity to talk with a counsellor during a group discussion about things that may be impacting their lives. Sessions aim to improve mental health literacy in primary school aged children, promote resilience and encourage help seeking behaviours.

How Are Teachers Involved?

Teachers are involved in booking the session, assisting the counsellor to develop the session topic based on the needs of their class and school and play an important role in co-facilitating the session with the Kids Helpline counsellor. Each session has been developed in line with the General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum.

Does It Include One-on-one Support?

The classroom based sessions do not offer individual counselling, however, the students are introduced to Kids Helpline which is our 24 hour, 7 day a week, free, telephone and online counselling service for 5 to 25 year olds. Students will be invited to contact us should they express the need for assistance during the classroom session. Kids Helpline is available on 1800 55 1800 or

Kids Helpline @ School Program Outcomes

To view a quick visual summary about the programs impacts, please click HERE.

For more detailed information about the impacts this program is having, please view this report.

Be smart, play your part!

Kids Helpline is a partner with The Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner who are a one-stop-shop for online safety. The Office provides Australians a range of up-to-date information and resources, coupled with a comprehensive complaints system to assist children who experience serious cyberbullying.

More information is available at

Book a Kids Helpline @ School Digital session.

Learn More About Online Safety

You can learn more about online safety and what you can do at the Office of the children's eSafety Commissioner

Report Cyberbullying

If someone has shared your image or said something offensive, you can report it and get help