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Session Guidelines

Purpose of sessions

Sessions are designed to increase each participant's knowledge about the topic and their capacity to deal with the issue at school and in their lives. The session content relates to the following general capabilities in the Australian curriculum:

  • personal and social capability
  • ethical understanding
  • information and communication technology capability, and
  • critical and creative thinking.

session guidelines Student health and wellbeing

Classroom sessions are designed for the delivery of information and are not counselling sessions.

Concerns may arise if a student asks a question or makes a comment that either includes specific information or implies that there may be a problem or issue relevant to the health and wellbeing of an individual child. For example, a student refers to abuse (including neglect, physical or sexual abuse), or a significant loss, that may be occurring in their life.

In response, a counsellor will acknowledge the student's issue/concern, and provide information about children's rights and help seeking, but will not ask for further information from the student. At the close of the session, the counsellor will discuss the duty of care concern with the teacher, and help put together a follow-up plan (e.g. referral of the student to the school counsellor and/or Kids Helpline, exploration of issue by the teacher if appropriate).