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Bullying Lesson Resources

Anti-bullying lesson ideas

teacher resourcesIf you would like to teach some anti-bullying activities or games in the classroom and are after some ideas, have a look through the list below:

Kindness Day

Initiate a special day where the focus is being kind to each other, as well as encouraging kids to share and be involved with each other.

Pen friends

Children are paired up and spend time writing to each other about their lives, and asking questions about their ‘pen friend's’ life.

What should I do? game

Make a set of cards with real-life scenarios relevant to the age of your class, and as a group work out ways to solve the situation.

Writing exercise

Develop laminated cards that have prompts on them about feelings, kindness and real life situations. Children can complete the prompts with an erasable marker pen and share with the group.

Story/movie viewing and discussions

Use stories, movies or TV shows to develop conversations with children and young people about bullying and its impacts, for example, exerts from Harry Potter, Billy Elliot, new Karate Kid movie.

Essay writing

Get children to write an essay on a topic relating to bullying. For example ‘If you had a million dollars, how would you use it to stop bullying?’

Hand drawing

Children draw around their own hand and write one thing on each finger that they would do to stop an act of bullying. Create an anti-bullying wall collage using everyone's hands.

Anti-bullying tree

Cut out leaf shapes and a large tree from paper. On the leaves, get children to write suggestions about how to help someone who is being bullied. Pin leaves on the tree to create the sense that ‘Together we can stop bullying!’.

'Stick together against bullying!' tower

Ask each child in the school to bring in a cardboard carton. Get children to paint cartons and write anti-bullying slogans on them, and then glue them all together to create a huge ‘tower’ sculpture.

Sorry box

Encourage kids to write anonymous notes apologising for acts of bullying or unkindness, and put them in a 'Sorry box'. Copy the notes out and paste them on a ‘Sorry’ cork board or wall.